Latency Optimizer 3.1

Badosoft (Shareware)

Latency Optimizer from Badosoft is a useful utility that is meant to reduce high latency often encountered by computer users. As a result this tool can boost PC Internet connection. Avid gamers and frequent computer users experience high latency duet to network and registry setting problems, poor Internet configuration, and lack of OS services. Whatever the reason, this program can optimize the system via three easy to use modes that are all predetermined.

Latency Optimizer’s three optimization modes are designed to increase Internet performance to optimize downloading, surfing, and playing games online. The advanced mode may be configured to the user’s preference. This particular mode provides maximum latency reduction and the settings may be saved for future use. The user interface provides convenient access to all the program features.

This compact tool improves the computer’s overall performance such that online gamers gain an advantage due to improved response time. For first-time users of this utility, a list of options for boosting PC speed is provided. The boost in performance can be attained by one click.

Advanced users of Latency Optimizer can utilize the available option to test speed and latency which is provided in the main interface. Testing is useful because it reveals the Internet speed. With test results the user can apply the appropriate settings for optimization.