LastWar Application

GAMEVIL Inc. (Freeware)

Developed by Gamevil, The LastWar Application, or Last War, is a tactical role-playing game set in World War II. The game is designed for use in tablets and smartphones running on the Android platform. In this game, players assume the role of a military general tasked to recruit and train troops, as well as perform tactical strikes on enemy forces. Players also have to apply defensive strategies using weapons and trained troops; forming diplomatic alliances also adds to the player’s defensive strategy.

At the beginning of the game, players choose to represent an Allied or an Axis power. A female character will then guide the player in the next steps, such as selecting the basic military functions. Players will have to manage resources for training troops, providing ammunition, and other functions. The game gives players missions to accomplish. To do these, players need military power as well as income. This is done by purchasing the needed supplies with silver. This game also enables players to do the following:

• Configure forces – players can change commanders in their troops
• Unlock abilities – players can unlock special commander abilities and loot for additional resources
• Blacklist enemies – in addition to forming allies as a diplomatic defensive strategy, players can also take note of enemies