(Freeware) is a music website that was launched in 2002. Users can sign up for a free account and get the full features of the website (UK, US, and Germany). The website builds a musical profile of the user based on the songs in the music player, provided that there is an Audioscrobbler plugin. The information is sent or ‘scrobbled’ to the website’s database in order to compile information for the user’s profile page. Building the music profile can also be done by listening to the internet radio. is also a social networking site for music lovers. Profile pages show number of tracks played, songs and artists that the user listens to, the name of the user, an avatar, and other basic information. The profile page also has a shoutbox so that other users can leave public messages. One of the features of the website is the ‘Taste-o-Meter’. When viewing another person’s profile, users can check the Taste-o-Meter to see if they have the same musical preferences. has a wide music library that has over 12 million tracks from different artists in different genres, such as rock, pop, indie, musicals, opera, country, and many more. Users can hear a 30-second preview of songs.

Some of the media players that have native support for Audioscrobbler include the following:
VLC Media Player