Laser Dolphin 1.3.0

Dingo Games (Shareware)

Laser Dolphin is an action-themed side-scrolling game developed by the company, Dingo Games. The game’s brief plot revolves around the adventures of Laser Dolphin, a hero responsible for saving the Prime Minister, who was kidnapped by aliens. The rescue mission involves evading and fighting various types of enemy creatures, swimming as fast as possible, and finding the Gold Dolphins. The player control the Dolphin hero with a keyboard and mouse, swimming and shooting at enemies with the laser weapon attached to it. This laser can be upgraded as the game progresses, depending on the treasures that the player finds in the ocean. The game offers players 3 modes to choose from and 70 levels to go through.

As the player advances to higher levels, the number of challenges increases. The variety of enemy creatures includes TNT-equipped turtles, missile-shooting fish, and bomb-wielding seagulls among others. In Campaign mode, the player will get to explore different worlds that each has distinctive environments and obstacles. In each stage, the player can collect as many as 5 Gold Dolphins, which replenish the Laser Dolphin’s life. In addition, there is a level editor that enables players to create custom-made levels and share them with other players. Through this feature, players can build walls and caves as well as create mines and more sea creatures.