Lap Timer 2000 6.3

Gregory Braun -- Software Design (Freeware)

Lap Timer 2000 is a tool that counts and times laps on a slot car track and can accommodate up to four lanes. On a single race, it can record up to 4096 laps on each lane. Each lap is timed with 1/1000 accuracy, and the lap numbers are automatically updated when the slot car it is paired to goes over the lap counter. This application comes with hardware interfaces for the following devices: RS-232 Serial Communications Port, Joystick Game Pad, and the Parallel Printer Port. While a race is in progress, the current lap time for each slot car lane is displayed with a large font so viewers can easily see it even from a distance.

Users can set a specific length of time for the race or the certain number of laps. When the race is finished, a race summary file is generated, and it can be viewed or printed. The summary contains the specific lap times for each contestant as well as the number of laps completed. One of the notable features of Lap Timer 2000 is its integrated Hot Laps database, which can be utilized to store practice session times and the race results. In addition, the database comes with tools to record modification notes and their resulting effects. Users can sort the database info according to different criteria.