LanSpy LanSpy 2.0

LanSpy (Freeware)

LanSpy is a network scanner that enables users to get a range of information about computers in a network. The single and most important requirement for the software to work on a specific computer is that the user should have administrative access to it. Otherwise, searching and looking for it will result to nothing, as it will be a security risk to all those computers. It displays information, such as domain information, MAC addresses, server groups, event log data, resources that are shared, and other system settings. These types of information is not useful to a novice computer user, but will be helpful to a network administrator as it allows them to plan for more efficient and safer computers in a network.

The LanSpy’s interface is simple and intuitive. The huge portion of the screen is the display screen where the information will be displayed. Nearing the top portion of the screen is the toolbar where the user will input the IP (Internet Protocol) address. The IP address is similar to the security number of a specific computer. It is a unique set of numbers, which correspond to a single computer unit. The software also has fast port scanner, which is used to gather information about open ports on a computer and display header information.