LanLights 1.1

Paul Mather (Bundled)

LanLights is a Visual Basic 6.0 program used to replace the missing LAN activity lights for computers running Windows. This frequently happens after the user upgraded the system to cable or DSL connection. This program stands in as a network status display with graphs. It runs as a system tray icon displaying the current network traffic. The user only needs to mouse over the icon to find out the total number of TCP segments being sent and received by the computer. It replaces the Modem icon for the system tray.

LanLights enables users to track the throughput from the user’s network interfaces. This program also enables users to track the maximum send and receive speeds of the computer, as well as the average speeds. It also shows the total bytes sent by the interface. This program also provides the user a graph of the real time bandwidth usage of the system. It can also trace the route and hostname resolve functions. This program also features not just the upload, but also the download speeds of the system. It also enables users to view the current memory usage corresponding to the actual used physical memory. This program also enables users to find out their IP address without using a third party program or without typing ipconfig on the Run bar.