Language Bridge (Proprietary)

Language Bridge is an educational program that is used for learning a new language. It works on the premise that users who learn a new language as adults form a “foreign language center” in their brains that is separate from the part that stores native language knowledge. To develop that new part of the brain, this program functions to train learners not to subconsciously translate to and from their native language.

Users of this program will learn a new language by reading printed text in the foreign language, listening to a recording of a text, and repeating it aloud. By repeating the phrases in another language, links will form between the images and expressions; when users encounter these again, what these are in the foreign language will already be ingrained in the users’ subconscious.

This language-learning program makes use of multiple repetitions as the primary tool in teaching another language. Through this, users would naturally learn about correct grammar, spelling, pronunciation, and proper use of expressions in any language. Additionally, users can add to the lessons with content of their own choosing to supplement the original lessons. They are also allowed to use social networks while learning with the program at the same time, so that they can interact with their friends. This is useful when practicing conversations, sharing successes, and asking questions.