LangOver (Freeware)

LangOver is a translation application that is easy to use. It makes use of the Google search engine in order to translate text into different languages. The program has a small and easy to use interface, which makes it ideal for both novice and advanced computer users. Users can also translate text with just the press of a button, as the application supports assigning of hotkeys.

On the program’s main interface, there are text fields for searching and for translating. Users just have to type in text on the fields and press the button beside them to start the process. There are also operation keys displayed at the upper portion of the main window. These keys are used for switching between uppercase and lowercase letters, searching in Google, and translating in Google. The hotkeys for each task can be changed under the settings window. Tasks can also be done with the mouse or with hand claps.

LangOver can also be accessed straight from the system tray. Upon clicking on the application’s icon, the menu will display different tasks, such as searching for words, changing keys, and opening the options window. The program can also be configured to launch as soon as the system boots up.