Land of Runes 1

Alawar Entertainment (Shareware)

Land of Runes is a 3-match puzzle game developed and published by the company, Alawar Entertainment. The game’s storyline revolves around the inhabitants of a volcanic island, who are at risk of great danger as the tallest volcano starts spewing fire and smoke, and the ground starts shaking violently. The player takes on the role of one of the islanders whose responsibility it is to save the population. In order to do this, the player must visit each of the ancient memorials and take away stacks of colored runes from them until s/he reaches the volcano’s summit. In order to remove the runes, the player must form matching color combinations that should consist of at least three runes. The player can rotate altar bases to get good matches and throw the blocks into the multicolored pile.

Land of Runes offers 80 levels and 19 bonus levels, which are spread all throughout the game. Each of the standard levels appears in 3D, while the bonus levels are presented in a 2D perspective. Runes are classified as ordinary or unique, and destroying all of the latter completes a level. However, destroying all runes – both ordinary and unique – will add points to the player’s score. Trophies can also be earned through performing various feats such as making match chains and destroying a large number of runes in one level.