LAN Speed Test

Totusoft (Freeware)

LAN Speed Test is small and intuitive application that enables users to easily determine the true network speed of their local area network or LAN. This tool can quickly and efficiently measure the user’s wired and wireless network speed as well as the file transfer speed. The accuracy of this application is due to its process of building a file in memory, which is then transferred both ways. This is done without the effects of windows file caching. As the file is transferred, the application keeps track of the elapsed time and then calculates the speed. This application is portable and does not make changes to the system registry.

LAN Speed Test is able to build large-sized test files on the fly in chunks of 1MB each, enabling users to test a packet of unlimited size while taking up only a maximum of 10MB of space in the computer’s RAM. The current file MB that is being read or written is shown in a status box. The interfaces shows the user’s computer name, IP address, the folder of server IP, packet length, time until the test is completed, and the bytes per second. The results of the speed test are displayed in decimal format and may be printed directly from the application.