LameXP - Audio Encoder Front-End 1.0

Free Software Foundation (Freeware)

LameXP - Audio Encoder Front-End is an audio conversion tool developed by the Free Software Foundation. It was released in April 2013. The program supports conversion of multiple audio file formats; including input and output support for MP3, OGG, FLAC, and AAC, among other formats. Primarily, the LameXP - Audio Encoder Front-End is a graphical user interface for audio encoders - particularly LAME encoders. The program also features multi-threaded batch processing.  

The LameXP - Audio Encoder Front-End graphical user interface features a tabbed window with a grey color theme. The menu bar displays options for File, View, and Tools access. There are five main tabs: Source Files, Output Directory, Meta Data, Compression, and Advanced Options. The Source Files table shows the audio files to be converted in a table format. The audio title is on the left column, with the corresponding file path on the right column. Users may add and remove audio files from the list using the function buttons located at the bottom of the window. The Output Directory tab enables users to specify the output path for the converted audio files. Meta Data tab allows users to change some audio file information including genre, album title, artist, etc. Compression tab provides some file compression options to save on storage space. After setting all these, users may click on the Encode Now! button located at the bottom left portion of the GUI.