Lame Front-End

Jacek Pazera (Freeware)

Lame Front-End is for all intents and purposes a program that converts WAV and other music files to MP3 files and vice-versa. Avid listeners of music in digital format find this tool easy to use, versatile, and fit for their basic conversion needs. This utility provides access to the parameters of LAME without requiring a command line. There is no need for users to be computer savvy in order to maximize the features of the tool.

One of the advantages of choosing Lame Front-End as the tool for converting music files is that it can be utilizied with external applications such as CDex. In addition, this program also has the capacity for batch processing, thus making conversion less time-consuming. Lame Front-End is a graphical interface that works fast.

This MP3 encoder and decoder in one is equipped with options and a number of adjustable settings. Its basic features include:

• MP3 files ID3v2 tags editing
• Settings for bitrate quality settings
• Encodes WAV, PCM, RAW, and AIFF formats into MP3 files
• Decodes MP1, MP2, and MP3 files into WAV format

In using this tool there are two modes to choose from, namely a simple mode and an advanced mode which features expert options. Lame Front-End also has a portable version that allows for conversions while the user is on the move.