Lake Controller

Lab.gruppen AB (Proprietary)

Developed under Lab.gruppen AB is the Lake Controller program. This is an accompanying application to the company’s loudspeaker management systems. When these devices are connected to a primary computer system, the application can be launched and it will allow the user to have all control over all linked devices.

Apart from providing complete linked system management access, the user of the Lake Controller can also take advantage of the simplified control interface. This is an all-inclusive interface which means that all devices connected to the computer will be presented. In this case, the user simply has to access one series of controls to manipulate the settings of all components under the system. There are different parameters can be manipulated with this tool including digital input attenuation and gain not to mention load verification features. Elements such as SpeakerSafe and LoadSmart can also be accessed here.

There is a secondary interface element when it comes to the Lake Controller. This is where the user can find the traditional audio dashboard but in digital format. The user can then manually configure all faders and controls. This program is compatible with systems using different platforms but is best used with Windows powered computers.