Lake Analyzer Bridge

Lake (Proprietary)

The Lab.gruppen AB group has generated different types of programs to control their audio devices with. One of them is the Lake Controller. The main purpose of this tool is to provide the user with access to all components linked under a single computer network. Even if multiple speakers and devices have to be attended to, only one interface is necessary to ensure the proper operation of each particular device. There is an accompanying tool that works with this program and it is called the Lake Analyzer Bridge. It is the component that integrates the devices with other sound system elements.

The Lake Analyzer Bridge is responsible for linking the different components under one system to be controlled by the Lake Controller application. It offers seamless integration which allows for the access of multiple devices using a single interface. There is no jumping from one device to the next as these can be operated simultaneously. It can also be expected to offer EQ adjusting features under the same interface making things even simpler for the user.

Some of the essential components that can be expected from the Lake Analyzer Bridge include support for Smart 5.0 and Live Capture Pro. These are audio manipulation tools that further improve the sound quality being delivered by the different loudspeaker devices.