LaCie USB Boost 1.04.07

FNet Co., Ltd. (Freeware)

LaCie USB Boost is a driver for select LaCie hard disk drives. As its name implies, the driver boosts the performance of the user’s LaCie USB 2.0 hard disk and increases file transfer rates by up to 33%. After installation, it offers the user the option to run at normal speeds like a standard USB driver, or with increased speed (Turbo mode), used when the user is in a hurry to transfer files or perform certain operations.

Many users of USB 2.0 hard disks complain about the slow pace of transferring files. When the Hi-Speed USB mode was introduced, it boosted the bandwidth to 60Mbyte/s, paving the way for an improvement in device development. LaCie has a lineup of such drives, and with the USB booster, the performance of the drives improved even more. Users can check whether their hard disk is compatible with this application from the LaCie website.

The program sits in the computer’s system tray, and users can right-click the LaCie USB Boost icon from the Taskbar to see the operating options. The program’s default setting is Normal. To transfer files quickly, users just need to select Turbo from the options to enhance their drive’s performance and transfer speed. When operating LaCie or non-LaCie drives that are not supported, the Normal setting is recommended.