CyberLink Corp. (Shareware)

LabelPrint is a standalone application for creating CD and DVD labels and covers. Creating a label or cover can be done in 4 steps with this program. You have two options to choose from on the main menu – make a label for a regular disc or a mini disc. Afterwards, you can choose to create a front cover, back cover, or disc inlay. You can select a template from the options available, type the information that you want to include on the label, choose a background image, and print the label.

This application supports music track lists and you have the option to create numbered track lists just by selecting on the songs where the details are already provided. The information will automatically be transferred on different templates and you will be able to make labels faster.

LabelPrint, together with the LightScribe software allows you to engrave texts or designs on the surface of the discs. If your CD burner supports these technologies, the program will automatically provide the selection for burning. Aside from the templates that you can use from the application, you can also download other themed templates from the Internet to have more options when creating the covers and labels for your discs.