KZod 2.5

By: Zilvinas Ledas (Freeware)

KZod is a dictionary and translation application that mainly focuses on the Lithuanian language. Users can also use it to build dictionaries in other languages, as well as contribute entries for other dictionaries through the DICT, SLOWO, and mova dictionary network protocols. Aside from English and Lithuanian, it also has support for French, German, Italian, Polish, and Russian online dictionaries.

Other than lexical information, this application also contains historical, geographical, and cultural information. It shows the important dates in world and Lithuanian history, famous people, the different countries of the world, the systems of measurements used, as well as popular maxims and proverbs.

The program has a simple and friendly graphical user interface with an intuitive layout, which contains three fields labeled Word, Description, and List. Users can simply type in a term in the Word field; the definition will be displayed in the Description field. Some words have an accompanying illustration. The List field contains the user’s selected dictionaries. Users can type in words, dates, and descriptions in the Search box.

KZod also contains options that enable users to change the viewing font, highlight text, make the dictionary stay on top of other active windows, change interface skins, use an on-screen keyboard, and create a quick-access button for integration into Internet Explorer.