Kyodai Mahjongg

Rene-Gilles Deberdt (Shareware)

Kyodai Mahjongg is a 2D/3D Mahjongg Solitaire game program developed by Rene-Gilles Deberdt. Also known as Shanghai Solitaire, solitaire mahjong and computerized/electronic mahjong, the game’s objective is to remove all the tiles on the board. To remove the tiles, the player must match two exact tiles. The tiles can only be selected if they are free on its right and left side. Players can choose from playing in either 2D or 3D modes. Aside from the traditional Mahjongg Solitaire, the game also features other tile related games. These are Slider, Clicks, Rivers, Hashira, Memory and Kumika.

Kyodai Mahjongg features different configuration settings for users. In the View menu, players can choose to enable the following functions – Cool Status, Cool Mouse, Shadows behind Menus, Shadow behind Windows and more. Displaying caption, toolbar, status bar, taskbar and hall of fame can also be set. There are also configuration options for the 3D aspect of the game. An option to enable or disable these effects is available. Players may also choose from a variety of Realistic Tiles and Tile Textures. The game’s animations can also be configured where players can choose the animation speed and animation type. There are also different themes, backgrounds, tiles, layout, music and stones available.