Kylo Browser 1.1.1

Hillcrest Labs, Inc. (Open Source)

Kylo Browser is a web browser application designed especially for television screens. It is developed by Hillcrest Labs and released on March 2010. This browser is developed specifically to work on big TVs with a user interface which is 10 feet in size complete with large buttons and font size. This is to enable users to see the screen and be able to decipher what is shown from across a big room. It is designed with Home Theater PCs and High definition televisions in mind.

The Kylo Browser is a browser program built especially for distance viewing. It features a wide viewing space with minimum visual clutter. It offers a big onscreen keyboard, coupled with big function buttons and fonts. Popular websites and commonly-accessed ones are shown as thumbnails rather than barely-readable text links. The program also features a zoom-and-pan functionality that enables users to browse online with maximum visibility.

Kylo Browser features a tabbed user interface. Websites are segregated into several tabs to provide easier access. The tabs are as follows: All, TV, Movies, Music, News, Sports, Games, Original, and Social. Websites that fall under any of the categories are displayed as thumbnails with their logo on it. Below the main viewing window, functional buttons are visible in green against the grey-themed interface. These include Next, Back, Refresh, Home, Favorites, On-screen Keyboard, Search, and Quit. Users may also input a particular link in the input box located on the bottom center portion of the window.