KWalletManager (Wallet Management Tool)

KDE (Open Source)

KWalletManager (Wallet Management Tool) is a password management tool developed by KDE. The program enables users to manage all the passwords stored in the system. The program stores the passwords securely. The program also enables users to access the passwords of third party applications that are integrated into the wallet program.

Users can create a new wallet in the KDE Wallet module to store any login information. The program features two storage modes: Classic and GPG Encryption. Classic mode involves blowfish encryption. All the information is stored in one encrypted file that is secured by just one master password. It utilizes Blowfish symmetric block cipher algorithm. This algorithm features a 156-bit key length equivalent to 20 bytes. On the other hand, GPG encryption is more secure and harder to decrypt. It utilizes stronger encryption algorithms. It also offers long keys that are passphrase protected.

KWalletManager features a grey user interface. The menu bar features options for File, Settings, and Help. The current wallet’s name is displayed at the top. Users have the option to either Close or Change the Password of the wallet. The bottom of the window features a tabbed interface with two tabs: Contents and Applications. The Contents tab displays the contents of the wallet including passwords and form data. The applications tab displays all the programs whose passwords are installed in the wallet.