Suzhou Shijie Software (Freeware)

KuaiZip is a file compression and decompression utility. Compression is a process wherein the file size for video, audio, application and other data files are made to occupy a smaller disk space. The software supports more than 40 compression formats including RAR, ZIP, as well as CD/DVD images and virtual disk files.

The user interface of this software includes icons for adding, extracting, viewing, deleting, and mounting files. There is also a wizard icon, which helps novice users navigate the application easier. To compress files, the user can choose to use the right-click menu or the main interface. With the right-click menu, the user can right click on the file to be compressed and can choose from the options provided. Options include Add to archive, Add to <archive name>, Compress and Email, and Compress to <archive name> and email. On the other hand, the user can opt to use the main interface by using the Add button on the toolbar section or the Add files to archive function on the Commands menu.

KuaiZip has other key features including the following:

• High compression ratio- This feature applies to the proprietary format KZ, which can compress 15-20% higher than other file compression utilities.
• Convenient Transmission- This feature allows the software to compress massive amounts of files.
• Privacy- This feature deletes the history using a single key.