KTurtle (Educational Programming Environment)

KDE Education Project (Cies Breijs, Niels Slot, Mauricio Piacentini) (Freeware)

KTurtle (Educational Programming Environment) is a computer programming learning tool. It is ideal for computer users who are at an advanced level of process understanding but an amateurish level of comprehending programming language. It provides program users with an environment for basic programming. There are different starter tools that can be accessed, all of which can be found on the main application interface. Another feature of this particular program is its reliance on a language called TurtleScript. This particular programming language was developed solely for the application and can be translated into other more complex languages. The same applies to all commands that have been generated under the program.

Created and launched under the KDE Education Project cooperative, the KTurtle (Educational Programming Environment) program uses a simple interface ensuring that everything is user-friendly fostering better learning. At the center of the screen is the main design preview page. Whenever certain commands and languages are used, this area will show the graphical design that these scripts translate to. On the left-hand side of the screen is the language or command editor. This is where users have to input codes for it to generate a programmed image. All languages used and commands entered here can be edited or revised as often as necessary. On the right-hand side, specific variables can be entered prior to codes being inputted into the editing box.