KTouch (Touch Typing Tutor)

KDE Education Project (Håvard Frøiland) (Freeware)

KTouch (Touch Typing Tutor) is a computer program that teaches its users about touch typing by providing them with an interactive tutor. Users will learn the specific positions for every finger used when touch typing. It will start with slow typing training and will progress as the student improves his or her skills. Little by little, additional keys are incorporated into the training program.

When the KTouch (Touch Typing Tutor) program is launched, a keyboard and a typing screen will appear on the center of the interface. On the upper portion of the interface, three main windows can be seen. There is a clock that will show the elapsed time which starts when the user types the first letter. Another window will keep track of the user's speed. It will display how many characters are entered per minute. It will also show any increase or decrease in the number of typed words per minute, if any. The final window will show the user's accuracy in typing. This will show the typing accuracy rate in percentage. Again, any changes in percentage will be displayed on the same window.

Released under the KDE Education Project group, the KTouch (Touch Typing Tutor) is a learning tool that can be used by anyone free of charge.