KTimer (Countdown Launcher)

KDE (Open Source)

KTimer (Countdown Launcher) is a small utility developed by KDE. The program enables the user to set a timer before executing or launching a program. Instead of waiting for a certain amount of time before executing a program, the users can set a time that counts down until a specific time has elapsed before launching the program. Users can add several tasks at a time. These tasks can be set to execute simultaneously or at different times.

KTimer features a grey user interface with a display window at the top. Tasks set to be launched are shown here with their corresponding Counter, Delay time, Status, and Command. The name of the task listed under the Command column. Users may Add new commands or Remove any of those already added. Once a command is listed, users can configure the time of delay by specifying the time in hours, minutes, and seconds.

The status or State of the command can likewise be edited even when running. Users can pause, stop, or resume the countdown. The counter is set in 100 seconds by default, however, users can easily adjust it using the sliding tool just below the counter display. This counter counts down to the time the task will be run. Users can also configure the task to execute in just one instance, or execute in a loop.