KStars (Desktop Planetarium) 4.11.2

KDE Education Project (Jason Harris et al) (Freeware)

KStars (Desktop Planetarium) is an educational program that provides its users with access to an accurate digital planetarium. The program provides an excellent copy of the night sky from its star formations to these stars’ location on the earth given a particular date and time. There are millions of stars that are displayed when this particular program is launched and apart from these, it also shows deep-sky objects, not to mention the different planets that make up the solar system. The program can also be used to view the sun and moon together with asteroids and comets making for an excellent simulation each and every time.

The program can be used as an entertaining learning tool that will engage its users through interesting graphics and information. The interface is simple. It has a user-friendly environment as well. When the program is launched, almost the entire screen acts as a live display of the stars and other heavenly bodies. Program users can use it to learn about different things including constellations. The same program can be used as observatory software. It can also be used to determine potential star formations in real-time. Aside from these, it also features a sky calendar tool, which can pinpoint the occurrence of everything from eclipses to rare planetary movements.