KSquares (Connect the dots to create squares)

Matt Williams (Open Source)

KSqaures is a game based on the classic Dots and Boxes game. It runs on the Linux operating system. The player’s goal is to form more squares than the opponent does on the game grid. At the beginning of the game, player will see a game grid full of dots. Players then take turns connecting dots with lines. Each turn allows the player to draw one line. Aside from trying to form a square with lines, players must also prevent the opponent from forming a square. The player who forms a square gets another turn. Squares formed are color coded in red and blue to make it easier to count how many squares each player has formed. The game ends when all possible squares on the board have been formed. The player is then determined by counting the number of squares formed.

The game comes in different difficulty modes. The easy level starts with lines already present on the grid. There are also different settings for the game including the number of players, the board size, and the player names. At the end of the game, the player’s score is displayed together with the top 10 rankings for the highest scoring players.