KSpaceDuel (Space Arcade Game)

KDE (Open Source)

KSpaceDuel (Space Arcade Game) is a video arcade game developed by KDE for its kdegames package. kdegames stands for KDE Games package. It comes with simple games for students. KSpaceDuel (Space Arcade Game) is an arcade game set in space. It is a dual player game where the player controls one of two satellite spaceships. Both spaceships orbit the sun. Each player controls one of the spaceships. One controls the red spaceship, and the other, the blue spaceship.  The goal of the player is to try to destroy the other spaceship. It does this by firing bullets into the other when it is on its line of sight. The player can also leave mines all over the orbit of the other spaceship. However, the player must take care not to be hit by the other spaceship’s bullets. Mines are also especially dangerous as the player can bump into a mine he himself left for the other. The other spaceship can likewise plant bombs or mines into the player’s orbit.

KSpaceDuel (Space Arcade Game) features a simple grey graphical user interface. The left panel displays the current amount of battery left over for the red pilot. The left panel also displays the current score or the number of current hits that player has landed on the other spaceship. The right panel displays the energy level and current score of the pilot controlling the blue spaceship.