KsirK (World Domination Strategy Game)

KDE (Open Source)

KsirK (World Domination Strategy Game) is a strategy game developed by KDE. It is loosely based from the popular strategy game Risk, a board game. It is a multiplayer game that is made to be played on a network or with the computer AI. The game can accommodate up to 6 human players. In this game, the goal is to conquer the world utilizing the player’s army.

KsirK’s graphical user interface features a simple world map with the different countries vying for power. In the Americas, the United States, Ontario, Quebec, Alberta, Greenland, Iceland and Mexico can be found. Europe features Scandinavia, United Kingdom, Prussia, France, and Bern. Africa is represented by Algeria, Niger, Gabon, Egypt, Zair, Madagascar, and South Africa. Asia is represented by Kazakstan, Pakistan, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Japan, and Mongolia, among others. Finally, Australia is represented by Papouasie, Occidental Australia, New South Wales, and New Zealand.

This game can be played over a network. Players can connect through Jabber, or using a Standard TCP/IP Network Game. When starting a game, players are given a choice to set the number of players, the game skin, and the goal type. Players can choose whether to go on a world conquest or to try and reach a goal. Game skins may be downloaded from the developer’s website.