INV Softworks (Shareware)

Kryptel is an encryption program that is useful to modern businesses that are concerned about protecting and securing sensitive data. It is a program designed to provide one-click encryption function to users of all skill levels. This utility has reliable features such as Advanced Encryption Standard, DoD-compliant shredder, and data compression functions. This software is attributed with a Wizard-like approach and a complete user guide by developers INV Softworks.

Kryptel is designed primarily to provide people and organizations a means of securing critical information without resorting to complicated applications that require advanced computing knowledge to operate. Additional features include processing of large file sets in one operation and processing of files in batch mode. Moreover, there are different encryption options available. These are DES, Blowfish, and AES. Users can take advantage of the binary key generator as well.

Kryptel’s setting options offers numerous decryption and encryption features that advanced users can make the most of, classified under three categories, namely Kryptel, Shredder, and General. Back up settings are available as well. All the basic operations are easy to understand and employ such that there is no need for additional training for entry-level users. This is an application with a comprehensive approach that is offered to users for a 30-day trial cost-free.