KRuler (Screen Ruler)

KDE (Open Source)

KRuler (Screen Ruler) is a ruler application that may be displayed online. This ruler specifically measures pixels when viewing images. Users can change the ruler length, as well as the orientation of the ruler. Users may also customize the transparency, color, and font of the ruler tool. This tool also comes with an integrated color picker. It is simple tools whose sole purpose is to measure pixel distances, as well as identify colors on the screen.

KRuler’s graphical user interface features a ruler with the number of pixels stated on the upper left corner, as well as the color ID for the color used. This is supplied by the Color picker tool. The bottom edge of the ruler GUI displays the units of measurement. When the KRuler tool is enabled, the cursor changes from the regular mouse cursor into an elongated arrow. This elongated arrow has a circle at the end. If the user aims to measure the pixel distance, he can move the cursor from the point marked as 0, up to the desired location. The distance provided will be the distance from the point to where the cursor is. Users will likewise be able to determine the correct color profile for any pixel which falls inside the circle at the end of the elongated arrow cursor.