Kroc & Roll Demo (Shareware)

Kroc&Roll Demo is a game that involves taking control of a rock star that aspires for stardom. The main character is Kroc, a green crocodile who wants to be a true-blue rockstar. This game is available in 3D, and has a total of 24 stages with the demo version offering only three playable stages.

The adventure begins as Kroc drops everything else to pursue his dream. Kroc&Roll Demo follows the amazing adventures of Kroc the musician as he strives to launch his career in rock & roll. Kroc is searching for other musicians in the swamps of Louisiana in the hopes of putting together the best ever band in the world.

Geared up for stardom in his dark glasses, shiny jacket, and Elvis hairstyle, Kroc and the player need to overcome numerous challenges to achieve success. There are villains ready to thwart him from finding the best musicians the swamps have to offer. Kroc’s enemies include scary alligators, feisty monkeys, and flying dinosaurs.

Players need to traverse prehistoric forests and face wildlife armed with a guitar that has the capacity to move magic stones. Music is the primary weapon. The player can utilize the guitar to sound notes and move forward in the game with the help of the power of music.