Calligra (Freeware)

Krita is a raster graphics application developed by Calligra and released on January 2014. The program is a digital painting application designed to work even with vector and bitmap illustrations.  The program features a multi-modal interface designed to work both on desktops and touchscreen tablets. It offers brush presets which can be further customized, as well as default brushes. The program also features several brush engines that supports tilt, orientation, and pressure sensitivity, when used on graphic tablets.

Krita features several dockers that can be customized to appear or be hidden on the interface. The dockers include Layer Management, Preset Selector, Channel Management, Tool Options, Shape Selector, Pattern Selector, Task Sets, and Composition Docker. Docker positions can be configured to appear on either side, or to float inside the main window. Brush interaction functions include options to change brush size, move canvas, rotate canvas, zoom canvas, and access temporary color picker. Right Clicking on the canvas launches the Right click palette featuring several graphic tool presets slots, the color ring, as well as the recently-used colors.

Krita offers different vector tools including artistic text, calligraphy, path, selection, fill, and gradient tools. The Brush system include several brush models including grid, particle, color smudge, curve, texture, hatching, filter, hairy, and spray brushes, among many others. Raster tools include line, freehand, ellipse, polygon, path, polyline, crop, multihand, and transform or warp, among several.