KReversi (Reversi Board Game)

KDE (Open Source)

KReversi (Reversi Board Game) is a strategy board game developed by KDE. It is a single player game with the player going against the computer. The game board consists of a grid of 8 x 8 squares. The goal of the game is to control as much area of the board by placing as many stones in the board as it can accommodate. The player chooses one of the two colors of stones: black or white. The human player gets the first turn. He can place one stone at any position on the board. The players alternate in placing stones on the board. However, if there are no available moves, the turn is automatically skipped.

KReversi (Reversi Board Game) gameplay is simple. The first player makes the first move. Then, after the computer has played its turn, the human player can select where to place his next stone. The only rule is that the succeeding stone should hop from the first position to another position, without removing the original stone from the original position. The player can hop over an empty box or a box occupied by the opponent’s piece. If the player hops over the other player’s piece, that piece is automatically captured. Captured stones will be replaced with a stone of the capturing player. Thus, the piece is converted to the color of the other. When there are no more moves, the game ends and the player with the most number of pieces on the board wins the game.