KProbe 2.5.2 (Freeware)

K-probe is an application which helps users determine if the DVD media will last after it has been burned.  DVD burning is the process of copying or putting various data onto a standard DVD with the user of a writer. Users can burn songs, movies, documents, applications, and other data types onto a standard media like a CD or DVD. There is no point in burning if the disk will not be opened and used on another computer or device when needed. This is the user requirement which the Kprobe program is trying to fulfill.

The result of the K-probe program are scans showing Parity Inner/ Parity Outer (PIF/PO) which are measures of quality of the DVD media. The recommended settings for the test are  PO (PIF) sum of 1 and ECC PI sum of 8. As a general rule, PO (PIF) which is below 4, and PI which is below 280 are good. Having some spikes which exceed 4 POs can still be considered normal. The main point of checking the quality is to ensure that whatever data has been transferred onto the disk should be readable on destination hardware.   On top of this, Kprobe also includes the BitSetting Booktype Utility which makes optical media like DVD more compatible with older players or gaming consoles.