KPatience (Patience Card Game)

KDE (Open Source)

KPatience (Patience Card Game) is a card sorting game developed by KDE. As the name suggests, this is one game where all the player needs is patience. It is a collection of card sorting games where some may require the player to come up with a strategy to solve the game, or some games where the resolution depends on the fall of the cards from the deck. However, the common theme among all these games is that the player must sort the cards according to a specific order by turning, moving, or reordering them.

KPatience (Patience Card Game) involves rearranging the deck of cards by suit in the fewest moves possible. There are no specific rules for each game. Some games require that the deck of cards be arranged by suit. Some games may require that the player arrange them in ascending order but in alternating colors. These rules may be readily deduced after one move or two. The game includes the most popular solitaire games including Klondike, Grandfather, Aces Up, Freecell, Mod3, and Gypsy. Players will also encounter the Grandfather’s Clock, Golf, Spider, Simple Simon, Yukon, and Forty Eight, among others.

The KPatience (Patience Card Game) user interface has some common features. The Talon or the card stock occupies the top left portion. The Foundation is on the top right portion where the card piles in the correct order are stored. The waste pile contains the cards taken from the stock pile or the talon and left unused. The Playing piles occupy the majority of the window.