Koyote Soft FreeCDRipper

Koyote Soft (Freeware)

Koyote Soft FreeCDRipper is a program that allows users to extract audio tracks from CDs and transfer them to the hard drive. The application rips at the highest bit rate to ensure high quality audio files after extraction from the CD. It can extract to different audio formats, such as FLAC, MP3, OGG, WAV, and many more. Users can also use Koyote Soft FreeCDRipper for looking up album, track, and artist information on the Internet by requesting information from the CDDB (Compact Disc Database). Users can also manually input track information, such as the name of the artist, the album, genre, year, etc.

The program’s interface has all the tools needed for ripping audio files. Users also have a wide selection of compression formats to choose from. The application also allows users to create BIN or CUE images from audio CDs. The Koyote Soft FreeCDRipper application performs high speed ripping of audio tracks, too.

Koyote Soft FreeCDRipper also comes with an audio player that users can use to listen to audio tracks before ripping them from the CD. Ripping can be done in a few steps. First, insert the CD in the disc drive, select the tracks for ripping, and choose the target format. The program can be used even by beginners.