Kopete (Instant Messenger)

KDE Education Project (Freeware)

Kopete (Instant Messenger) is an application that provides its users with access to a real-time messaging program. This program requires a stable connection to the Internet to function completely. It offers support for other instant messaging programs, which means that it can be used together with existing platforms. This makes it easier for program users to import or export contact details not to mention link the application with more commonly utilized instant messaging platforms.

When it comes to the Kopete (Instant Messenger) program, aside from providing its users with a fully working instant messaging application, it also provides them with an avenue for accessing all other messaging programs that they might be reliant on. It can act as the central access point for all of these messaging programs. The user interface is rather simple, making it user-friendly. When launched, the program accesses existing system information and then generates a list of the people in the user's network. After doing so, it then processes viable contact information from other messaging platforms and then links these with the main application. This allows the user to access contacts from various messaging platforms without having to shift from one messaging service to the next.

It can also provide users with notifications across platforms. This particular feature can be configured to the user's liking. In addition, there are other tools that users can take advantage of when it comes to Kopete (Instant Messenger) including the following:

• Message Encryption
• Effects Availability
• Message and Data Archiving