KoolMoves 8.7

Lucky Monkey Designs LLC (Shareware)

KoolMoves is a graphics application that allows users to create slide shows, animated characters, games, and other interactive content for websites using Flash and Html5. This program offers a wide range of Flash templates, visual effects and components, vector clipart, and text effects. Sound may also be added; the compatible audio formats are WAV and MP3. Advanced users can design their animations using the program’s Flash AS1 and AS3 action-scripting capability.

Flash animation in Koolmoves is done by placing items in the program’s animation strip. The strip is made up of frames, and each frame contains shapes, sounds, and text. An animated character will be displayed in a different pose in each strip, and what the application does is to make the character move from one pose to the next smoothly.

The application provides users with these additional features:

• Drawing tools. Users can draw point-by-point or in a smooth pencil movement. The points may be moved and deleted.
• Basic image editing. Selected points and drawn shapes may be transformed using functions such as rotate, squish, flip, and slant.
• Keyboard shortcuts. Quick editing may be done using the single-key shortcuts for rotate, select, fill, and scale commands.

The finished animations are saved in SWF or Html5 format, and may be played in a web browser, in the program’s player, or on any standalone Flash player. The application can also provide the user with a ready-to-use Html file for web page embedding.