Konversation (IRC Client)

KDE (Open Source)

Konversation (IRC Client) is a communication application developed by KDE. It is an IRC client that enables users to access Freenode network channels. The program features easy configuration options enabling even new users to grasp its functions. The user only has to provide the name of the distribution channel and nothing else. The program does everything else.

Konversation features all the standard IRC elements. It features bookmarking support, as well as support for SSL servers. The program enables users to view multiple channels and servers simultaneously. The user-friendly graphical user interface enables users to see all these in just one single window. The program also features DCC file transfer support. It offers the ability to configure multiple identities for multiple different servers. The program also features On-screen notifications display. Users can customize the text with multiple colors and effects. The program features support for automatic detection of UTF-8 configurations. It also offers encoding support on a per channel basis. The program also offers theme support for user customizable icons.

Konversation features a simple grey user interface. Menu options include File, Edit, Insert, Bookmarks, Settings, Window, and Help. The window is divided into three parts. The biggest window displays the current IRC thread. Each Konversation is displayed with the corresponding time stamp and username. The panel on the right displays the users and their usernames. The bottom features the input box for typing in Konversation messages.