Konquest (Galactic Strategy Game)

KDE (Open Source)

Konquest (Galactic Strategy Game) is a strategy game developed by KDE as a member of its kdegames package. It involves intergalactic territory struggle with players fighting to gain and conquer more planets in the galaxy. The goal of the game is to build a large intergalactic empire by conquering other planets that may be held by the other player. Conquering planets is done by sending space ships to chosen planets. The game supports a variety of difficulty levels ranging from Low to Hard.

Konquest (Galactic Strategy Game) is a multiplayer game. The game enables users to add or remove as many players as he can. Players may likewise customize the names of the other players. The game also features single player gameplay. Players can fight against the computer AI. In multiplayer game mode, players can choose whether the human player will act as another player or merely as a spectator. If the choice is spectator, that particular player can watch the game and observe the fight without being a part of it. Players can likewise determine the ability of the computer player by choosing between Weak, Offensive, Defensive, or Becai. Becai refers to a balanced computer player, equally offensive and defensive.

Konquest (Galactic Strategy Game) GUI displays a Map that details the number of neutral planets that may be captured, the dimensions of the map, and other options including the Kill Percentage, the Production Level of a specific planet, and the option to change the owner.