ZAO ASCON (Proprietary)

KOMPAS-3D is a design-system software developed by ASCON Group and released in November 2012. It features 2D and 3D design elements developed especially for mechanical engineers. KOMPAS-3D enables users to create structural models through several modeling techniques. Users may create models using the Bottom-up approach utilizing finished components in the modeling process. Users may also create models using the Top-down approach by creating and designing components to fit specific design requirements. Users may also generate models using kinematic diagrams or layout drawings. Also, users may utilize these approaches in combination to create editable associative models.

KOMPAS-3D features standard surface and solid modeling elements found in medium-level CAD programs. These include Boolean operators for atypical shape generation; interaction, union, and subtraction functions; as well as advanced shape and surface modeling processes. KOMPAS-3D also enables users to create auxiliary planes and lines, spatial curves, and other structural elements like fillets, holes, and stiffness elements. This software also features special tools designed especially for large assemblies, as well as assembly editing support. KOMPAS-3D also features mould design patterns for joint lines and cavities, allowing for shrinkage allowance. This software also enables users to execute sheet metal modeling by creating sheet bodies, holes, louvers, bends, and sheet metal unwrapping. The software also automatically creates unwrapped sheet metal associative drawings.

KOMPAS-3D features support to 64-bit operating systems which maximizes the RAM usage.