KDE Education Project (Freeware)

Kollision is a digital ball-dodging game. It is a game of reflexes because the main objective is for the player to avoid being hit by other balls during the entire duration of the stage. There are two players involved, one is the program user and the other is the program itself. The main player is represented by a blue bouncing ball while the computer is represented by the color red. An increase in the number of red balls takes place as the player advances stages. The higher the level, the more red balls there are to steer clear of.

When it comes to the Kollision program, an empty field marks the beginning of the game. A blue ball then enters the picture. This can be manipulated using the mouse or track pad. One by one, red balls begin to infiltrate the playing area. These balls move with varying patterns and at different speeds. It is up to the user to find the perfect strategy to stay away from these so as not to get hit. The user should dodge as many balls as possible and do so continuously. As time passes, more and more red balls will materialize into the screen. These balls fade in and out randomly.

The user interface is simple. Three configuration folders are available. There is one for game options, another for game settings, and a help link containing all instructions and all other relevant data. Below the screen, a difficulty options button is available where the user can select a playing mode. There is a timer and a ball counter as well.