Kolf (Miniature Golf)

KDE (Open Source)

Kolf (Miniature Golf) is a miniature golf video game developed by KDE as part of its kdegames or KDE Games package. This package includes simple arcade games for students. Kolf (Miniature Golf) features a game of miniature golf with hazards such as sand traps, slopes, and water hazards. The game also features warps or black holes through which the golf balls can vanish forever.

Kolf (Miniature Golf) features two game modes: single player and multiplayer. For multiplayer mode, the game recognizes up to 10 players. The game interface provides an overhead view of the mini golf game. A short bar located on the far left represents the golf club. It decides the direction, as well as the force employed by the golf club. These two factors must coordinate with each other to ensure that the golf ball goes through the hazards without falling into. The game features a High Scores table so as to track the scores between the players, when in multiplayer game mode. It also displays the previous scores by the player. The program also supports third party courses that may be downloaded or shared between players. The program also features a course editor. This tool allows users to design their own mini golf game course including the location of the hole, which hazards to put in, as well as the positions of the hazards.