Koi Fish 3D Screensaver 2.0

3Planesoft (Proprietary)

Koi Fish 3D Screensaver is a three-dimensional screensaver developed by 3Planesoft and released in April 2008. Koi Fish 3D Screensaver is an Asian-inspired desktop screensaver, which plays whenever the user’s computer or desktop remains idle for a specific amount of time.

Koi Fish 3D Screensaver features a set of Japanese Koi fish swimming on shallow waters. The scene is framed by green leaves seemingly like the view of a person who parted the grass to see the waters beneath. The screensaver is made more lifelike by water ripples and an occasional dragonfly passing by.

Koi Fish 3D Screensaver is highly customizable. It comes with default music, which features Japanese-inspired audio tracks. This can be turned off or replaced by another audio track. When both are disabled, Koi Fish 3D Screensaver plays ambient sounds like bird songs and water splashes. However, users may also turn this off. Koi Fish 3D Screensaver users can also opt to just lower or increase the volume of the accompanying sound, or turn it all off completely. Koi Fish 3D Screensaver users are also provided an option to apply Shadow effects, High water quality, or Caustic video settings. The Gamma control setting allows users to manage the appearance of the screensaver as to brightness and contrast.