Kodak EasyShare Software 8.2

Kodak (Freeware)

Kodak EasyShare is an application that is used to manage videos and pictures. The application is compatible with the Windows Operating System. The software can perform tasks, such as transferring files from one place to another, and viewing different photos continuously. Pictures can be tagged with descriptions which help users in searching photos.

Users can select a transfer method in organizing files.  The software has three transfer methods which includes Transfer All, One-Touch Transfer and Select and Transfer. The Transfer All method is used to transfer a group of files in one action by simply removing pictures or creating new albums. Once-Touch Transfer moves files all at once by compiling these files in one album which indicates the date of the current date. Select and Transfer method moves selected items all at once in more than one album. Aside from these key features, Kodak EasyShare can be used for editing, organizing and printing digital files.  The application can be used to upload pictures in the gallery. Once uploaded, users can send email invitations to others to view these files. Users can easily understand the program because of the collection screen feature that is used for displaying descriptions of selected items on the screen.