Kobo Desktop Edition

Rakuten (Freeware)

Kobo Desktop Edition is a desktop application for managing a digital library. The application also allows users to shop for ebooks to be added to the library. The display of books can be changed to suit the user’s reading preferences. The font style, size, and the alignment of text can all be changed to fit the computer screen. There are also three preset reading themes that users can choose from.

The program has a simple interface. Once signed in, the user can see all the books in the library. One the left hand side of the window, there are three sections – Library, Store, and Account. Under Library, users can access all the books stored in the application. The Store has four different categories – Home, Top 50, Browse Categories, and Recommended Reading. Users can browse and purchase ebooks to be added to the Kobo Desktop program. The Account section provides all the information for the user’s account including the profile, billing, subscriptions, and the purchase history.

While browsing for books, users can read a summary of the story, the rating, and the price of the ebook. It can be downloaded to the application by clicking on the ‘BUY NOW’ button. The application is also available for Android, iPad, and iPhone.