KNotes (Popup Notes)

KDE Education Project (Freeware)

KNotes (Popup Notes) provides its users with digital desktop post-its. When the application is launched, a blank note automatically appears for data entry. Users can input a note label which can include the date when the note was created. After doing so, users can input the necessary text message onto the main note window. Different text styles and formatting can be used in this case. Basic text editing tools are available on the user interface. To create the message, users simply have to click the OK button on the lower portion of the screen.

All notes created under the KNotes (Popup Notes) program are automatically saved and can be accessed even when the program has been closed. Aside from the generation of desktop sticky notes, the program also offers a backup solution for these. Copies of all notes are also saved in folders under the KNotes (Popup Notes) program file for reference. Even when sticky notes on the desktop are removed, this backup folder provides the users with a copy should they suddenly require any information from the deleted note.

Other features of this particular desktop application include printing capability for all notes. The notes can also be displayed using a color and text scheme that the user prefers. Easy text recording is also possible because of the program's drag and drop component. For example, email messages can be copied onto sticky notes simply by dragging the message to the note file.