MICRONET, S.A. (Shareware)

KNOSYS FOR WINDOWS is a document management system created by Micronet. This program is basically developed to handle records of data in texts (structured by fields). It can record information up to 125 Kbytes, which is equal to more than 50 pages of words or characters with spaces. This document tool can be used to type or enter data in text, either full or with other contents, such as images and hyperlinks. It can also be used to edit documents; it has its own editor that users can depend on to proofread text documents. In addition, users can optionally use the buttons to italicize, underline, or make texts in boldface. There are also font families, alignments, and font colors users can choose from.

KNOSYS FOR WINDOWS also features vocabulary control, multimedia information, and information retrieval. Vocabulary control is designed to automatically check spelling, suggest correct spelling, and enable the addition of words not found in the built-in dictionary of the program. Under multimedia information, this tool allows users to link different multimedia content. These include images, audio files, and video files. Information retrieval is a feature that lets users retrieve or undo edits.

Other features included in KNOSYS FOR WINDOWS are:
• Dialog box
• Import text files (ASCII or ANSI format)
• Hypotext