KNode (News Reader)

KDE Education Project (Freeware)

KNode (News Reader) is a reading program that can be used to view news files. It can be used on various news servers and provides its users with access to newsgroups such as Usenet not to mention their mailing lists. Apart from being able to view news files, the program can also be used to sign these together with emails. Reading newsletters is not the only purpose of the program since it can be utilized to generate MIME messages where both text and image attachments can be applied.

When it comes to the KNode (News Reader) program, it is an application that was created and released under the KDE Education Project organization. It is extremely user-friendly and makes newsgroup tracking simple for program users. When the application is launched, a series of newsgroups can be chosen from. When a particular group has been chosen, all news files under that group will be displayed on the screen for further selection and viewing.

This particular news reader makes things simple for the user because people do not necessarily have to be registered on a particular group to view its contents although signing up is advisable because a subscription will gain users more access to other group files. News files from an unlimited number of days can be downloaded with ease and program conditions can be configured to the user's liking.